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Hyundai Bluelink Connected Services in Buckingham, QC

Staying connected to your vehicle is essential to modern automation, and when you buy a Hyundai model from our new inventory, you can stay connected to yours thanks to Hyundai's Bluelink suite of connected services. With this user-friendly technology, staying remotely connected to your Hyundai has never been easier, allowing you to access various applications through your smartphone. If you're based in Buckingham, Gatineau, Thurso, Aylmer, Ottawa, Hull, or beyond, find out what's included in Hyundai's Bluelink services below and contact usat Buckingham Hyundai for further details.

Remote Start with Climate Control

Accessing Bluelink through your smartphone enables you to remotely prepare your Hyundai's cabin exactly as you like it before you walk out the door. Indeed, the application's Remote Start service allows you to effortlessly start, warm, cool, and defrost your Hyundai, wherever you are, and even offers a pre-warming function for your heated seats, so you can enjoy a cozy ride as soon as you take the wheel on Canadian winter days.

Find My Car

Everyone knows finding your car can be difficult when you've parked in a crowded area. Luckily, Bluelink's Find My Car function makes it easy to locate your Hyundai through a user-friendly map that's easy to navigate, whether you've parked in a busy shopping centre or on a crowded street.

Vehicle Health

Modern connected services allow you to gain a better, thorough understanding of your vehicle, and Bluelink helps you do exactly that. If ever you'd like an update on your Hyundai's health and condition, all you need to do is consult your Bluelink app and access its latest vehicle health and diagnostic reports.

Personalized Connectivity

Bluelink makes personalized connectivity easy in more ways than one. Indeed, you can regulate connectivity to your Hyundai with this user-friendly smartphone app, as it syncs with your phone's facial and fingerprint recognition technology, so you can ensure that only you can gain access to your Hyundai.

SOS Emergency Roadside Assistance

The Bluelink suite of features does more than keep you remotely connected to your Hyundai, as it can put you in touch with roadside assistance if ever you need it. In the event of an emergency, you can just push a button on your rearview mirror or overhead console to immediately connect with emergency services or roadside assistance.

Automatic Collision Notification

If ever you're involved in a serious collision, Bluelink can lend a helping hand. Through its automatic collision notification function, Bluelink can contact emergency services for you when you're unable to, so help will be on the way with minimal delay. For more on the Bluelink app, our new vehicle lineup, or why you should service with us, contact our Buckingham Hyundai dealership today.